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Mandy posted on 02/14/2020

I have written a timeline of the events that have occurred so far since Mom's cancer diagnosis. I would like for you to forward it on to anyone else you think may benefit from it. There may be someone else who is going through something similar and this will help them to be open minded and BELIEVE in the power of healing! Much love to you my friend! I am so grateful that you are in the world!  
Love, Mandy

On August 16th,2019 I was with my mother as she found out she had breast cancer at a mammogram appointment. The appointment took about 4 hours total and the radiologist felt certain there were 4 cancerous areas. One in the right breast, 2 in the left, that he suspected were lobular and possibly much larger than he could clearly see in the scan, and one lymph node was larger than a healthy gland and irregularly shaped.

On August 19th I contacted Gregory Dean and asked for his help. I was not sure I would be able to make contact with him, as I was under the impression that he had left the country for Taiwan. To my surprise, he was still in San Francisco awaiting his final flight. He immediately responded, asking for details about the cancer and for a picture of my mother. He said he would work on her during his flight and enlist help far and wide. He calmly explained a few things that I could do to help as well. I felt incredibly under qualified, but he was very reassuring and explained that I needed to KNOW that this healing works. His soothing voice and demeanor made me feel better immediately. I was grateful!

Gregory stayed in touch over the next couple of days even though his schedule was incredibly busy and he was half way across the globe.

On August 21st I spoke to Gregory and he mentioned that while working on mom he saw an image of an apple with a worm in it. The worm crawled out and a raven picked it up and flew away. He asked me to mention this to mom and see what significance it may have for her.

On August 22nd My mother called me giggling through tears because she had touched her breast for the first time in a few days and the lump in her left breast was significantly smaller to the touch. We were ecstatic and I sent Gregory a message right away! He responded almost immediately and gave further instruction about dietary changes that she should make and asked when a good time would be to work on her again. Again, he gave me instructions for a few things I could do as well, which I followed. 

August 24th Gregory contacted me to let me know he had worked on Mom again over night. 

August 27th Mom got the results of her chest x-ray and it was clear.

August 29th Mom had biopsies on the four suspected areas of the breasts and lymph nodes. The radiologist had trouble isolating the area in the right breast which now felt like a cyst. The two areas on the left breast were "harder to find" than he suspected from the sonogram and mammogram done 10 days prior. One of the two areas was barely detectable. 

Within an hour Gregory responded to the news and asked when a good time was to call and he talked to me for over an hour! All this while juggling a teaching conference in Taiwan! 

Again, he stayed in touch over the next few days and said he was going to work on me as well. He gave me a specific time and asked me to be open to it. I followed his direction.

September 1st I went to an overlook on Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains to watch the sunrise. Normally my knees hurt and I don't venture out very far but on this particular morning, I was able to climb around on the rocks, and hike up and down the trails without pain. I was and still am grateful.

September 2nd We got the pathology report from Mom's biopsies. Three out of four of the biopsies were negative and only one was positive for invasive ductal (and not lobular, as suspected) carcinoma. The doctor repeated several times that he was "pleasantly surprised". We were so happy and excited that we literally danced out of the doctor's office. I contacted Gregory and asked him to call me because a text could not possibly convey the excitement and happiness that I was feeling. He was on his way back from Taiwan and called me from Houston during a layover. He was so happy for us but not at all surprised. Again, he told me things we could do to help mom. Again, I followed his instruction. 

September 3rd My mother asked me to feel the lump in her breast. She had asked several times before but, for some reason I was unwilling to do so. She expressed that she wished that I would so that I could feel how much smaller it was now. It seemed very important to her so I did as she asked. I could feel what I imagined in my mind as a tiny fried egg under the skin. I could feel the hard lump in the center about the size of a large peanut as the "yolk" and then a flatter firm area around it that was like the 'egg white". I felt all around the center part and then felt the edges then back to the center again. I felt it wiggle. I asked my mom if she felt it and she did not. Again I felt it bump my fingers as I touched her. I felt around the edges again and went back to the center and I could NOT find the large peanut sized center. It was just there. I had just felt it a minute ago, but it was not there now. I asked mom to feel for it. She could not find it either. We both cried. I sent Gregory a message not knowing what exactly had just happened. (In writing this, I realized that the vision Gregory had of the apple, worm and raven now had significance!) The wiggle I felt did feel like a worm wriggling under the skin. Amazing!

September 4th Gregory wrote back that he was not at all surprised by what had happened. He said to have intentions such as returning to health or perfect health. 

Throughout this entire experience, Gregory has remained calm and so very supportive. The outpouring of love, compassion, empathy and patience we have felt from this man has been overwhelming. My mother and I are grateful for him. In the coming weeks, we already have a barrage of further testing and doctor appointments. I can not express what a comfort it has been to have Gregory's love and guidance throughout this process. I look forward to each new test believing that the doctors will again be "pleasantly surprised" and that we will eventually see total healing for my mother. 

Dec. 2nd Moms cancer is undetectable. It's gone. Like gone gone. There are markers left from biopsy, but tumor is gone. Had to have 2 people look to be sure
I am so thankful!!!!!! I had no doubt. They said they rarely if ever see a tumor change like this with this far to go in chemo. She still has 10 more weeks
Said rarely if ever does a tumor react like this so early into chemo. I'm so happy I cant stop crying. I knew it was gone weeks ago. Confirmation is good! But I also got that weeks ago. Greg, I am thankful to you. I am grateful for you. And I love you.

I've tried to explain the events and facts as I recall them. I am a lover of details and there are a thousand that I have left out just to keep this letter to a manageable length, but I want to tell you that the magic is sometimes in the details and in our case, that is definitely so. What I have felt so far is nothing short of miraculous. From the bottom of my heart I am filled with love and gratitude!

Love Mandy

Alison posted on 02/14/2020

It’s always a sparkling surprise to me when people come into my life and then later on I come to find out WHY they did! 2 years ago we became Facebook friends, followed by me being impacted by your presentation around DIS-EASE, which led to a conversation that sparked a curiosity in me around energy healing. Our paths crossed again and a deeper discussions emerged. This week we began working together and I am already changed as a result. You have a gift Gregory Dean and I am blessed to be able to work with you. I’m working through the effects our sessions this week and leaning into what will come out of the shift in energy and uncovered blocks that were voiced. Thank you for doing what you do my friend!!! I’m so grateful for this time here and now!  
Love and Light ✨ LAL


Bob posted on 02/14/2020

“I missed the 12:10 mass at Loyola today but spending the time with my healing friend, Gregory Dean is a real blessing! As much as I’d love to keep Greg’s healing powers to myself, I’ve been sharing him with the world! He truly has a special gift.”


Avnita posted on 02/14/2020

Gregory has a natural ability in working with people. He knows how to hold a safe space for you to heal and guides you confidently in finding answers. He has an amazing ability to make you feel at ease and supported throughout your sessions. Definitely recommend Gregory!


Stephanie posted on 02/14/2020

Greg was very instrumental for me in the healing of my mind. Once we got past that, he began to work with me on other important ways to heal the body such as nutrition and physical exercise. Greg takes a holistic approach in his sessions. He combines intuition with knowledge to come up with a plan of treatment that leads to total healing. Have a diagnosed physical illness? Suffering from depression? Greg is the right answer to get you headed in a better direction in an effort to live a full, happy, healthy life.


Wendy posted on 02/14/2020

During our session “I felt a different type of heat/warmth on different areas of my body. Most intense on the back of my head and knees.
The day after: “People who need glasses and are unaware suddenly find out they need glasses. Someone who is colorblind and gets corrective glasses. When they put on their glasses for the first time and see a whole new world.  They see it in a way they never new was possible. Like the universe shifted a little just for them. That's how I feel. I GOT GLASSES, soul glasses💜”

Bob posted on 02/14/2020

I don’t do Blanket Endorsements. Never have, never will. If I tell you something is good, real and valuable that’s because it is. That’s because I’ve used it or tried it and met with success. Gregory Dean is that person. Not only is he my trusted friend but he’s my confidant and advisor. He’s with me on this spiritual and life transformation. 

I’ve already referred him to many people who are already experiencing real results in their lives. If you’re struggling in any aspect of your journey, I’m convinced that Greg can help. He’s not only soulful, spiritual and wise, he’s a good human. I look first for good humans!



Susan posted on 02/17/2020

My first interaction with Gregory Dean was at an Arbonne convention where he was a guest speaker for the event.   He spoke about his personal struggles with his mom’s health and his belief in identifying and treating the root cause of an issue.   With his approach, you can truly heal rather than superficially treating the symptoms.  After hearing him speak and admiring his holistic approach, I looked him up online and shortly thereafter became a client.

When I decided to set up a session with Gregory, I was letting my fears and anxiety affect me at work.  I was shying away from challenges and opportunities that were being presented to me.  Through monthly health coaching sessions with Gregory, he helped me to dig deep and identify a situation from my childhood that was leading to my struggles.  After identifying the root cause, he helped me to work through it so I could start the healing process.  Part of the treatment included daily affirmations, reiki and self-forgiveness to name a few.  He always told me that once you begin to heal, that you will see a big shift in your life and positive changes ahead.  He was absolutely right!  I got a big promotion at work and a renewed sense of confidence in myself.  I have even taken steps to pursue my passion in the health and wellness field with the hopes of being able to help others.

Gregory is amazing to work with and I recommend him and his approach to healing.  He truly cares and wants to help others change their lives.

Veronica posted on 02/25/2020

Hi Gregory, how's it going?
Something came to me a while back, it was a slow realization on my part. During the whole of my marriage I felt like a bird in a cage and that continued into my second relationship. I have really never felt more free since after you worked on me. Thank you!