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Lifestyle Prescriptions® Healthy Self – Heal Thy Self

Advanced health coaching based on Root cause analysis, and the use of 6 proven Self-Healing Protocols that activate your body’s innate self-healing response and establish new healthy and empowering lifestyle habits.

Science has proven over the last decades that heart disease, diabetes, obesity and even cancer can be stopped or reversed by improving nutrition, physical exercise, social contact and finding purpose in life. Recent research shows that adopting a healthy lifestyle can prevent most diseases.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® are offered by doctors, naturopaths and licensed health professionals to help patients identify specific unhealthy lifestyle choices, thought processes, specific stress triggers, emotions, and beliefs, and then provide step-by-step and very specific guidance for optimal organ, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Lifestyle Prescriptions are based on newest research in Lifestyle Medicine, the Organ-Mind-Brain-Lifestyle Connection and the Art and Science of Self-Healing

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