Do you Believe in Spontaneous Healing?

Gregory Dean


gregory-deanDo you Believe in Spontaneous Healing? This is a question that changed the trajectory of my Life.  I come from a background of Medical Esthetics, teaching and speaking on a national level within the Health and Beauty industry, and Reiki energy work. I have always been interested in working with whole health and finding “Cause” verses symptom correction. I grew up in a family that trusted and used old home remedies. It was the question of “Spontaneous Healing” that led me to the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach and Root-Cause Analysis approach. I was searching for relief of my mom’s symptoms of an Auto-Immune disorder. Finding the META-approach has given me answers that help identify symptom cause, and therefore allow the body to heal. It taught me how powerful our thoughts are, and how they affect the healing of our bodies. I believe that our body is designed to heal itself, and our thoughts play a tremendous role in that.

As a Reiki Master, I understand the connection between energy flow of the body and illness versus wellness. The connection between our thoughts and that energy flow was a tremendous “AHA’ moment for me. I wanted to understand more, and so I continued to dig for information and study different energy healing approaches. My search led me to Star Magic, the most exciting Energy Healing approach that I have found to date. In October, of 2018, I attended an intensive five day training with Jerry Sargeant, the founder of Star Magic, and it completely changed my life. I now can say not only do I believe in “Spontaneous Healing”, but I witness it on a regular basis. The body is capable of healing itself, and will do so if we give it the right environment, support and healing energy.

I have spent this last year Traveling the world learning from, working with, and teaching along side of Jerry Sargeant.  This has given me the confidence, knowledge, and capability to launch my own energy healing business “Heart-Mind-Energy-Health”.

starmagic-healing-energy-gregory-dean-speakingJerry Sargeant: "Go Gregory Dean💥💥💥 Yesterday, this awesome warrior delivered some key components of the Star Magic Level 1 Training. Confident and a True Natural... You Rocked it Brother! So amazing to see someone take this knowledge and share it in such an incredible way... Love It!"

I bring to it over 30  years of experience in the Health and beauty industry. I am an Internationally C.I.D.E.S.C.O. Certified Aesthetician, a Nationally Certified Aesthetician, a licensed Senior Cosmetologist, Master Esthetician Instructor, and an Award winning International Make-up Artist.  I am a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach, Reiki Master and Star Magic Facilitator. I believe in Spontaneous healing and understand how the Heart, Mind and Energy affect your Health.

I believe Miracles happen everyday.

Do YOU believe in Spontaneous Healing?